Journal in a Box

Journal Idea #3

Journal in a Box
Journal in a Box

Do you think you put what you are grateful for into box?

Are you an Empty Nest mom struggling with the feelings of sadness and worry since your last chick has flown the coop?

I found that writing and keeping journals helped me navigate through some of the hard times I experienced at first during the first few weeks of The Empty Nest.   Here is an easy quick journal idea for the month and it is super easy!

Take a fresh wall calendar that you are not going to use for anything else. Maybe you received an extra one for Christmas? Perfect!  Now, each day, your journal is to write anything you want into the box for the day.

Sounds too easy, huh?  Actually, it is easy, but it’s a good way to journal through the month.

The clincher is you only write in the box! What can you write in such a small box?

  • Learn to write small if you are a wordy person like me!
  • Write a special word for the day.
  • Write the day’s weather.
  • Write a special thought or quote
  • The possibilities are endless!

Try it, you’ll like it!

Remember, “A map not drawn is a treasure not found!”

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