The Creative Prayer Journal

creative prayer ideas

Prayer isn’t magic fairy dust we sprinkle around to entice God or order Him to do something. It’s much deeper than that because prayer is communicating with and hearing from God. It’s our connection to heaven–and the communication line is a two-way street!

Prayer can change your life. “The Creative Prayer Journal” introduces you to methods and prompts used as interesting approaches to personal daily prayer. These are many of my favorite ways to pray. Yes, dear one, there are many ways to pray. In this prayer journal, I share with you several I used when teaching children in Sunday School many years ago. During a season of spiritual and physical burnout, I returned to these comforting (and fun) methods to enter into conversation with God. My prayer is they inspire you to restore meaningful conversations with your relationship with God.

Do you already keep a prayer journal?

Wonderful!  You’ll love that this first book in my series, A 21-Day Challenge, introduces you to a unique style of prayer prompt each day.

You’ve never kept a prayer journal?

The ideas in this journal series will introduce you to different ways to create meaningful conversations with God-beyond the everyday prayer item list or dot (bullet) list prayer journal.

A story about how God used The Creative Prayer Journal…

First, this was my first self-published book in 2017. It required me to learn new technology and new things about myself. I also had to learn how badly I really wanted this dream because about three weeks into writing it, I had a complete computer melt-down. While it put me behind my 90-day schedule, with God’s help I did it!

In 2018, I stepped out in faith and submitted it to the folks at God’s Glory Box, a Christian themed subscription box service. They accepted it! Yay! Then, the big test. Oh No! I had to find a printer to have 5000 copies of the book printed, and then shipped to Colorado! Yes, folks, I paid upfront for the printing and shipment of 5000 books! But, God was good and it all went off without a hitch. The Creative Prayer Journal was inside the May 2018 God’s Glory Box!

But, do you want to know the greatest blessing I’ve received from this book? It was when I got an email from a lady who told me she used the book over the summer to have special prayer times with her teenage daughter. Believe me, authors love to hear when folks love one of their book babies. That email was worth more to me than the royalties!

Lastly, it was the “mother book” to several prayer journals I’ve created over the years. I can’t help it. I LOVE to pray!

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