Faberge the Jobs of Eggs and you

Last year I was able to fulfill one of my lifelong wishes and dreams.   I was able to view several authentic Faberge Eggs at a museum exhibition at Texas A&M.  It really happened by “chance” but my kids couldn’t have done anything more to make my pre-Mother’s Day so absolutely spectacular!

Bare with me because there is a lesson in – The Egg

We had gone down to College Station a few weeks after the opening of the new MSC (Memorial Student Center) and the kids wanted to take us to see the new building. Once inside, we discovered that just by chance there was a Faberge Egg exhibit!  I thought I would just bust with excitement.  This was one of those times that it was good to have a husband, son and daughter-in-love that were willing to bend to one of my whims and inside we went to view the exhibit.

One side of the museum contained the Faberge Eggs (no photography allowed)  and the other side were crafted “inspirations” which is of course what you see pictured here.

I knew Faberge was a gifted artisan.  But I learned more as I explored the exhibit and read all the details at each display.  His imagination was unprecedented. His meticulous and beautiful artwork would be desired and copied for generations to come.

On May 30th, Faberege’s 166th birthday, Google honored him by bejeweling their Google Search, and other websites honored his memory by comparing him to Steve Jobs.


But I am still mesmerized by the object of his devotion, his crafted jewels.  More specifically, the eggs.  He would hide gifts inside the gift inside the gift!  You had to keep peeling back through the “layers” to continue to reveal even more beauty, wit and treasures.  Being able to finally see one of these eggs up close was amazing!

So, what does this have to an empty nest mom?  Everything!  As an empty nest mom you have entered a new stage in your life.  Being “Mom” isn’t your full time job any more.  But being MOM will always be your gift to your family!  Believe me, they will still NEED you, they just don’t need you to do the laundry, buy the groceries, make the meals, chauffeur, and be study partner any more.

You now have time to begin finding new purpose in your life and it can be such an exciting and wonderful adventure if you allow it to be!

I remember back when I left home after I got married. My mom had been a FULL TIME mom of just one child, but she had poured everything into the job.  We lived in a very small country cottage  and when I left she ended up making that room into her studio.  She discovered that she enjoyed painting on canvas and began to explore her new artistic love!  Those paintings are some of my most prized possessions!  She had to peel back the layers of the hobby though and discover the types of scenes she enjoyed painting.  Later, when our son was “school age” (we home schooled) she shared this hobby with him and he too dipped into the paint as part of his education.  Yup, I have a painting by him too that is also a prized possession.  (By now it may sound as though our little cottage is an art gallery, but I promise, it’s not!)

I encourage you to embrace the new phase you are in as an empty nest mom.  Discover / Get Back To / Develop your Core Values and live your life with meaning and purpose!

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  • Kyna Baker

    Two things – Your story about the faberge eggs took me back to when I visited the exhibit. It brought out some creative moments in me.

    I can’t wait until my nest is empty – at least that is what I say now. I already have a plan for what I will do with myself with all of the “free” time.

  • Kim

    I’m so glad you saw an exhibit of the eggs as well! I’ve seen pictures but those just don’t do them justice! AND I’m super glad you are already talking about your empty nest! I truly think talking about it and planning for it as early as possible helps with the transition. Thanks for visiting Kyna!

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