There’s an awakening on the move. It started in Kentucky. It’s been moving across college campuses. It knows no religious bounds because HE is not bound by religion.

I’m praying that this Easter there’s a great bursting of personal “graves” and that the spirit of Christ flows across individuals, families, cities, states, and our nation.

Every generation is known for something. There was an awakening in the past. Many of that season are now dust in the graves. Then the Jesus generation. Those folks are now a little gray. They pray for the next generation to pick up and carry the mantle.

I pray …

that now this is the “renewal” generation.

  • A renewal of Godly values and character.
  • A renewal of hold leadership.
  • A renewal of miracles and those willing to step out in faith and believe in His power.

I pray…

that strongholds that have kept folks from joining churches will be removed.

that the chains of “looking for someone else” will be replaced with the power of “Lord, use me.”

that men and women will stand in the gap for their families.

that parents will sense and see that now is the time to root their children in the teachings of Christ. Not that they will be a “holier than thou” generation. But that they will know where their strength and power come from when they face uncertainty, hard times, and evil.

Will you pray with me?

The above words were ones I penned in a flurry after some prayer time 4 days ago.

The next day more horror hit the news as we learned of another school shooting in Nashville, TN.

I stayed off social media for 2 days. My broken heart couldn’t stand watching or seeing anything silly or funny… it just didn’t seem appropriate to me at the time.

During my “digital detox” I took more time to pray and seek God’s guidance. I look forward to what is to come… new things and old things are on the rise!

How has something that stung your soul inspired you to do something good? Is there beauty in your ashes? I know there is, but sometimes it’s hard to pause and look at it through that lens.

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