Your Memories – Your Story

Your Memories, Your Story: The EZ Guide to Writing Your Memoirs Through Guided Journal Prompts

A memoir is more than just a recalling of facts about your life. It’s a journey where you the writer connect with your reader as you share your experiences. I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell!

But, where do you start?
What stories do you share?
How can you get started?

The over 100+ journal prompts in this book are a guidebook through your life. In this book, we will explore different ways to make memory and keepsake journals. I’ll show you everything from the traditional journal to the step-out-of-the-box ideas. When you finish this book, you will have a plethora of ideas to capture the memories for your enjoyment.

This book doesn’t promise to help you write your memoir as a New York best seller. The prompts included help you write your story and your memories as a legacy to your family.

But, as you write your words in response to the prompts, who knows what ideas they may spawn? You’ll never know until you take the first step, write the first word, and start your writing