Isaiah 58:11 The Lord Shall Guide Thee

Are you living life by design or in default?

A love letter the empty nest mom looking for purpose Dear Mom, The remaining frames of your days and your life… All the chapters including career, family, relationships, health, spiritual growth… The pages are still blank and unwritten. If you don’t take charge of your life and script the words and life for yourself, then […]

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older women dressed nice your clothing and how you feel

8 Insights About Clothing, Feelings and the Connection

Do the clothes really make the person? You may rarely think about it, but what you’re wearing today might have been a direct expression of how you felt when you selected the outfit this morning. Maybe you didn’t care or were feeling down when you were getting dressed. But on a day you do care […]

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My Top 5 FREE Ideas to Reduce Anxiety for Moms

There seems to be turmoil all around us. Turn on the local news and it’s nothing but bad. Turn on the National news and it’s bad. World news isn’t a bed of roses either. Compound it with worrying about our own families and communities and it’s real easy for anxiety to fester and grow into […]

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Top 10 Tips For Empty Nest Moms

Top 10 Tips for Empty Nest Moms

1. Prepare – Plan ahead of time, and be prepared for the totally unexpected! You may experience sheer delight realizing the kids are REALLY gone. You may cry your eyes out. Remember, more than likely your hormones are going to be going haywire, which may make your reacting a little “more” than you expected. Whichever […]

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31 Things I’ve Learned About The Empty Nest

Feeling a little whimsical and nostalgic when writing in my journal recently, I decided to ponder some of the lessons the past years have taught me regarding the a topic I know fairly well – The Empty Nest as it relates to the kid flying the coop and being off on his own with his […]

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Hunger and Thirst: You Will Be Satisfied – The Beatitudes

Beatitudes Matthew 5:6 Hunger and Thirst for righteousness

This morning’s devotion and soul search found me reading my Bible, the book of Matthew chapter 5 where the scriptures known as “The Beatitudes” are found. The Beatitudes are the BE-Attitudes I remember having a book many years ago that said they are the BE-ATTITUDES because they describe the attitudes that should be in your […]

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Having Faith Makes My Tough Situations Manageable

Faith Makes Tough Situations Manageable

Today’s daily devotion has me doing a soul search about Faith. Life brings some tough situations sometimes which really test my grit, gumption, fortitude and willpower. However, I am better able to cope with those rough times because I have Faith. Faith In God Through Tough Situations I have faith that the greatest Power, God, […]

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Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up

Today is a Monday Motivational kind of day here at The Refeathered Nest. I spent the morning in meditation and reflection about goals that I have had for a while. Goals that I may have been close to giving up on. But, after reflecting for a time, I just can’t let them go! I was […]

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When Subtracting Means Adding

Lettuce Seedlings

I used the break in the rain this morning to visit the garden and do a much needed task. Thin the lettuce seedlings. It’s the part of gardening I don’t like to do, because it seems so wasteful. Those are good little plants. There’s not a thing wrong with them. They are healthy and growing. […]

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Self Love – What is it and Why is it important?

Love lets me make a fresh start affirmation

Or, is it OK to love myself?  What’s healthy self-love? I bet you had an immediate answer to the question, as did I.  My answer is OF COURSE it is!  BUT, when I started doing some research there seemed to be conflicting answers.  One side of the fence said of course it’s OK to love […]

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