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When I’m not sweeping dog hair, experimenting in the kitchen, or doodling on paper, I’m writing and mentoring other authors. I am a freelance writer, speaker and minister alongside my family in Grand Prairie, TX. My hubs and I care-take acreage which includes woods, fields and critters all of which weave themselves into my writings.

That’s me. The girl riding the skateboard while sitting down. I couldn’t skateboard then, so I enjoyed skating the hill while seated. It was a slow grade hill and we could ride from the top to the bottom in front of my house. It was loads of fun! You see, I grew up in the dinosaur age of  no digital toys. I created my entertainment through my imagination. When I was a little girl, I passed time playing “library” with my dolls and helping them to read. Later, I expressed the joy of writing in both junior high and high school as part of the yearbook and school newspaper staff. Even during my corporate career I found herself once again writing. I wrote procedures and instruction manuals. Not what I would all fun stuff by any means.

Now? Now I’m a cubicle-nation escapee turned Authorpreneur. I’m a content creator and idea instigator.  I’ve traded the corner office to corner of the publishing world where I not only write but I mentor other authors.


Books by Kim C. Steadman

The Creative Prayer Journal: A 21-Day Prayer Challenge to Experiencing Meaningful Conversations With God

The Creative Keepsake Journal series

Empty Nest Journal

Her published works for the young at heart:

The Diary of a Recycled Dog

100 Funny Mostly Dog Jokes for Kids 

I loves coffee, chocolate, and TexMex food. I also enjoy hiking in the mountains, gardening and DIY projects that don’t include power saws!

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