30 Bible Study Journal Prompts for Studying Scripture

I am so thankful for my heritage of studying the scriptures. Before I even accepted Christ as my savior, I learned to study the Scripture as a child. While I sometimes study based on a topic or theme, I also love to do verse-by-verse studies. At the writing of this piece, I’m journaling and studying Psalm 22. We are so familiar with the beloved passage of Psalm 23. My curiosity led me to study the passage before it. I intended to study one verse a day for March, especially since there are 31 verses. However, I haven’t kept it up daily. I’m not letting that stop me, though! That’s the grace about studying and journaling to Jesus…there is no perfect timetable.

Here are some journal prompts I’ve curated to enhance your scripture study and journaling.

30 Bible Study Journal Prompts

Here are 30 journal prompts to help apply, ponder, or study scripture through journaling:

1. Summarize the scripture in your own words.

2. What is the key message or lesson of this scripture in one word?

3. How does this scripture relate to your life right now?

4. Journal about a time when you experienced the truth of this scripture in your own life.

5. What does this scripture teach about God’s character, attributes, or nature?

6. Are there any commands, instructions, or principles to apply in this scripture in your daily life? How can you apply them?

7. What is something new you learned or a new insight you gained from studying this scripture?

8. How does this scripture increase your faith or strengthen your relationship with God?

9. Imagine you are one of the characters in the scripture account. Write about it from their perspective.

10. What is something new you learned or a new insight you gained from studying this scripture?

11. How does this scripture increase or strengthen your relationship with other people?

12. Write a prayer to God based on the truths or lessons in this scripture.

13. If you could ask the author of this scripture a question, what would it be?

14. Are there any words, phrases, or metaphors you need to study more fully to understand the meaning?

15. Write about how you may have misunderstood or misapplied this scripture at times.

16. How does this scripture remind you of another one you’ve studied? Compare and contrast them.

17. What are the circumstances or context surrounding this scripture that help you understand it?

17. How could you teach or share the message of this scripture with someone else?

18. Rewrite the scripture using modern language and examples to make the meaning clearer.

19. Does this scripture contradict or challenge any of your current beliefs or ways of thinking? Journal your thoughts.

20. What is one practical way you can live out this scripture’s instructions in the coming week?

21. Write a poem, song lyrics, or other creative piece based on the scripture’s message.

22. Sketch or describe any visuals that would illustrate the key truths or events of the scripture.

23. Does this scripture address a societal issue still relevant today? How so?

24. How does this scripture align with or challenge the beliefs and values of the surrounding culture?

25. Describe how this scripture has impacted your view of God, others, or yourself.

26. How has this scripture encouraged you to change?

27. What is the overall theme or main point of the book/chapter this scripture comes from?

28. List any cross-references or parallel passages that shed more light on the meaning of this scripture.

29. List 3 gratitude statements you feel after studying this scripture.

30. Summarize this scripture in three words.

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