Praying The Scriptures Over My Church Book

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Praying the scriptures over my church journal

This journal holds a special place in my heart, born out of the profound impact after a season of collective prayer within our church community. Reflecting on the moments when our pastor urged us to unite in prayer leading up to Easter, I witnessed the miraculous responses from God. New members embraced our fellowship, and hearts opened to welcome Christ as their personal savior.

Within the pages of “Praying The Scriptures Over My Church,” you’ll discover more than just a collection of prayers. This journal is a heartfelt journey, featuring a prayer calendar, scripture prompts, thoughtful journal prompts, a prayer list, and extra journal pages. Throughout the pages, you’ll find a warm invitation to actively engage in the spiritual growth and transformation of your church family through the power of prayer.

“Praying the Scriptures Over Your Church Journal” is not merely a resource; it’s an embrace—an invitation to become a prayer warrior, armed with the living Word. Step boldly into this role and witness the unfolding of miracles within our church. Together, let’s unveil a future where God’s purposes are fulfilled, and His kingdom is joyously revealed.

As you pray for the different people, ministries, and outreaches of your church, your faith will grow as you see God move.

This is a personal journal journey, but why not embark on this prayer journey with others such as a Bible Study class or the ministry team leaders?

A personal note: My spiritual walk with the Lord began as a child in 1976. My parents accepted Christ on a Palm Sunday morning inside a tiny little mission church. While I knew a little bit about Jesus, my knowledge grew as I began attending Sunday School and worship services regularly. By summer that year, I knew in my heart I was a sinner. During a sweltering hot evening of Bible camp in the piney woods of Texas, I accepted Jesus into my heart.

What followed has been years of faith-walking with Jesus. My dad ended up surrendering to preach the Gospel a couple of years after His salvation. He and my mom started a small church in our hometown. It was in this church that I stepped into my calling and purpose of teaching and mentoring. At first, it was the small children. As I grew older, my personal walk with Christ grew and I taught Bible studies to the teens, and as time marched on, to adults.

Country Church GP TX

God is good. All the time. Even when we don’t understand the timing or His ways.

Our little country church ended up closing in 2020 during Covid. Our tiny congregation of older folks moved on to be with family, or went on to their heavenly home. Mom and Dad both have health issues that keep them from getting out and about too much.

And that was the timing of events that brought my husband and I to find a new church home… the church where our new pastor asked the congregation to pray over a series of days, each day a specific prayer prompt.

God moved.

He’s still moving.

To God be the glory!

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