Journal to Grateful by the Great Oz

Journal Idea #2

The Grateful Journey
The Grateful Journey
I don’t know what has me thinking about the Wizard of Oz lately.

I even made a “Kim Finder” for the office so that folks would know where to find me, and one of the choices is “The flying monkeys came and got me and I’m finding my way back to Oz”. Yes, some of those days are like that!

As and empty nest mom when you are working through all those emotions at first, you may feel as though the flying monkeys came and whisked your baby away from the safety of your nest.

A way I have found to help me work through trying and difficult times is to start a 30 day Grateful Journey.

It’s probably the most simple of journals to keep but it can be one of your most powerful personal improvement tools.

Treat yourself and buy a pretty little journal book, although I will admit that one time I kept mine on a pad of sticky notes. Each day, write down 5 things, people or events you are grateful for.

That’s it.

It may look something like this:
1. I am grateful for my health today. No sniffles even though many at the office have the flu.
2. I am grateful for the beautiful stars I saw outside my window as I went to bed last night. They were like diamonds in the sky.
3. I am grateful for my stunning sunrise I saw his morning. The ribbons of pink, purple and blue were breathtaking.
4. I am thankful for my silly cat that likes to drink water from the bathroom sink every morning while I’m getting ready for the day.
5. I am thankful for the purple pen I found in my drawer. I can add some color to my day!

Yes, those are my “Grateful” moments for today!

When you are doing the Grateful Moments Journal for 30 days you will do this quick exercise every morning for 30 days or you can do it every evening. I personally like doing my Grateful moment first thing in morning as it puts me in the right frame of mind for the day. But either way works, just find which one feels more natural for you and which time you WILL do your entry daily. No fair missing 5 days and then going back and catching up, hehe!

At the end of 30 days you will have 150 things that you can read through. I promise you, when you are feeling down you grab that journal and start reviewing your “Grateful Moments” and you just can stay down for very long! Some positive emotions will bubble up!

Remember what I always say…A map not drawn is a treasure not found! The “Grateful Treasure” is beautiful treasure to find!


  • Stefani McCune

    It’s always good to have a gratitude journal or to at least take a moment to count your blessings. Thank you for your post! I’m not quite at empty nest yet (although I’m closer in age) my youngest is 6… I appreciate your thoughts and tips.

  • Anne Dovel

    I have my first son getting ready to leave the nest and even though 2 more are at home, it makes me sad. Thanks for this post.
    Anne Dovel

  • Liz

    Yay for gratitude! You go girl! This will change your life AND make it better for everyone around you. Awesome!

  • Kim

    Stefani, thanks for visiting the Re-feathered Nest! You are SO correct! Gratitude is important no matter what age and what stage of life we are in!

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