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Kim Steadman star wars fan

a Gen-Xer with a Gen-Boomer attitude.

Welcome to my blog, which is a culmination of my family’s rich evangelical history, my desire to share God’s encouragement as the written word and printable sheets, and my commitment to steward my life well to encourage and teach others.

I love the fact that my spiritual heritage comes from an array of faiths and experiences. Between Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostal, my religiosity had many influences. My personal (very imperfect) spiritual walk and commitment to Christ came at a young age of 11 in church Bible camp. My parents had accepted Christ earlier that same year on Palm Sunday. Later that year, our family stepped into different roles of ministry, and we’ve been ministering ever since.

The bell tower in our church would ring, and folks settled into the old-fashioned wooden pews. The walls of that little country church I grew up in echoed with the old hymns of the faith such as Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, and At Calvary. Mom tickled the piano keys, my uncles and others played the guitars, drums, and I played the organ.

In 1984, I married the love of my life after a whirl-wind romance. He later stepped into the call of the preaching ministry and together we helped our parents to serve our small congregation. So, yes, I am a preacher’s daughter and am a preacher’s wife. But, please don’t think you’re going to learn from the “perfect Christian.” Far from it. I’ve made oodles of mistakes in life and in my faith-walk. But, thank goodness for HIS forgiveness.

For years we have served beside my parents here in our little piece of Texas heaven. Between teaching Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, marrying folks and burying folks, we’ve done it all and loved every minute. Sharing my faith and helping others to grow in God’s word is an important part of the reason I love waking up every day.

Canaan Church, Texas

I was raised in that church. It sits on our property. My dad had to retire from ministry due to his health. God led us to a new church where we worship and serve.

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When I’m not sweeping dog hair, experimenting in the kitchen, or doodling on paper, I’m writing, creating prayer journals, mentoring other authors and usually have a half-finished craft or DIY project nearby. I am a digital creator, freelance writer, speaker and minister. Our little piece of earthly heaven lays on the edge of ‘burbs and includes woods, fields and critters all of which weave themselves into my stories.

Hands down, I was born in the wrong decade. I love things old and nostalgic. I grew up watching Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show. I giggled with laughter watching The Carol Burnett Show with my parents, back during the days when potty breaks were scheduled around commercials and every one ran because there wasn’t a pause button.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was the wild-child girl riding her bicycle, the skateboard, playing with her dolls, and running and playing outside. I grew up in the dinosaur age of no digital toys. I created my entertainment with my imagination. I also read books, books and more glorious books!

8 Years Ago I made the decision to retire from the corporate world to come home and heal my heart, mind, body, and soul.

I had become wrapped up in the stresses of climbing the corporate ladder, while dealing with personal and family health and life issues. It all took a tole on me and I was at the brink of an anxiety breakdown.

This decision opened the door for me to finally have time to explore some of my long-buried desires.. to write, for myself. I began to explore different avenues of writing such as fiction, children’s books, inspirational, low-content and copywriting. The bottom line is I love words and to give them life on the paper. I am a word shepherd.

Since retiring I’ve had the blessing to give life to words and help other writers. Things such as:

  • Self-publishing a my first book, a prayer journal.
  • Self-publishing two children’s books which both feature our rescue dog, Denver.
  • Explore creating journals and planners.
  • Creating a class to help writers brainstorm ideas for their children’s book.
  • Forming a free faith-based FB group to encourage writers of all genre
  • Creating a class to help writers define who their ideal reader (or customers) are.
  • Mentoring and encouraging others to write their words and to explore the various paths those words may take them. Some of those writers have gone on to create VA services, become copywriters and editors, make shifts in their careers that honor their true love of writing, write their dream book that’s been in their heart and mind for years, but never written.
  • and more fun ideas are in the near future!

If you care to peruse my published works you can visit my shop. Some items are sold on Amazon, and others on Etsy.

Here are some other things you should know…

  • I live in North Central Texas. Any videos you ever hear will be thick in Texas accent and full of Y’all and “bless your heart.”
  • I love nature and my FB and Instagram feed will most likely feature images of our dogs or the surrounding nature of our little corner of the Texas prairie.
  • I’m an old-school sci-fi fan. But, I also like the new stuff as well. I like it all… Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Lost in Space, and more. I’m also a fan of dystopian types of stories as well.
  • I love to read the old classic books and stories.
  • I enjoy writing in several genres. I can’t just pin down one genre as my only source of writing adventure.
  • I am a Meme. We have one grandson and he is the little light of my world. My sole purpose is to spoil him, love him, have fun creating memories..

I am an encourager… I love to encourage others. Whether it’s encouraging writers to write, or women who want to grow in their Faith…

I am an idea instigator… I never lack in ideas and since I don’t have time to do them all, I enjoy sharing them with others.

I am a prayer warrior… folks, hands down prayer is what gets me through each day. I’m not perfect, but thank God, I’m forgiven…