The Empty Nest Here And Now and Journey To Come

Always focus on how far you have come rather than how far you have left to go
Always focus on how far you have come rather than how far you have left to go

This photo was taken in Muir Woods – National Park near San Francisco.

Earlier in the month I wrote to you about getting in touch with your core values as an Empty Nest mom in order to find new purpose.

When I answered those same questions in January 2012 it opened my eyes to why I was happy in the empty nest, but still feeling unfulfilled in some areas of my life. But, I reconnected with one of my core values of “creativity” not only with creative writing (and writing in general), but also I started exploring photography and finally started feeling as though my life was a little more complete.

Of course, any new hobby deserves the tools to do the hobby. So, our trip to San Francisco was my maiden voyage with a new camera
When on our trip in August we decided to visit Muir Woods – National Park based upon recommendations of a co-worker. We absolutely were not disappointed. We arrived on a busy day, so enjoying some of the deafening quietness we had been told about was a little difficult. But we were able to enjoy a few fleeting moments of absolutely silent quiet.

The forest was very peaceful despite the crowd of tourists. While walking and looking at the monstrous size of some of the trees (they are HUGE), I tilted my head up. The trees were so tall I couldn’t see the tops. Coming from the great state Texas, I could truthfully say I had never seen trees so tall nor so large!

Later, while contemplating the photos this one struck me as an illustration of the journey during our empty nest years thus far.

You see, you aren’t seeing the base of the trees, this shot starts about 6 feet above the ground. There is even more to these trees that you aren’t seeing. The bases of the trees are wider and stronger, with many visual roots and little (I use the term loosely because even a sapling is BIG) off shoots of baby trees.

The visual journey in the photo is not complete either. You aren’t seeing the tops of the trees.

You are only able to see “the here and now” of what I could capture in the camera frame.

Your journey through your empty nest survival is your “here and now”. You have a firm and strong foundation of the years you spent with number one Job of Mom. It was your full time concentration. You did it the best you could and you did it well, because you raised children that grew and matured and have now gone out on their own.

You can only see your now, which may be a little unsure and scarey right now. But, my hope is that it turns to joy and is blissfully exciting for you, and those days are unseen, but coming. I truly hope you can find just one small nugget of information here at The Re-Feathered Nest to help you on your journey.

So, that’s where facing where you are right now comes in. Taking an evaluation of your here and now, and where you want to be.

That’s where having a firm plan in your mind of how you want to start living your new life will help.

Now it’s time for a little bit of Texas wisdom for your journey. Both are pretty simple thoughts.

“Your car has a large front window and a small rear view window. That’s because you should spend more time looking ahead, and less time looking back.”

The other is about horse riding, which I’ve only done 3 times in my life and 2 of those times I ended up on the ground. “You don’t ride a horsed saddled and looking backwards.”

Over the next few days, we are going to look further into ideas to help the Empty Nest Mom to move forward and upward!

Remember, a map not drawn is a treasure not found!

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