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Inspiration from the East Coast of Florida.
Inspiration from the East Coast of Florida.

We took a special trip in 2010 and combined a convention with hubby’s birthday. Viewing the sunrise from the East coast is such an inspirational moment. As the sun crests over the water. But, I love the sunsets as well. The lengthening shadows with the palm trees and the sail boat were one of those spur of the moment photos. I was taking pictures so fast that I really didn’t know what types of pictures I had until we arrived back home. It wasn’t until month’s later that I played around with the photo and added the quote at the bottom.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Fort Lauderdale area, it’s worth the visit!

I encourage you to begin planning a special vacation with your hubby even if it’s an extended weekend. And if you already are taking vacations as part of your celebration of Empty Nest Survival – plan another one! Hubby and I were just talking this morning that it’s time to put some more travel plans into our Re-feathered nest this winter.

Remember, a map not drawn is a treasure not found!

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