The 50 Something Health Guide – Focus

Hitting 50 something helped me realize one thing. Taking care of my health has become more of a focus.

The funny thing is that I’ve noticed that’s one of the things I’m having trouble doing lately – staying focused. Thankfully, I have a pocket full of hints that are helping me to keep on track.

A friend (which I have to seriously consider the word friend) said it’s a mark of getting older – see why I question the word friend, she called me OLD <snicker>?

As an overall part of my health, I’ve been studying for a while about the types of focus.

50 something rules -Defining your priorities puts life into focus

Three Types of Focus

Even in a recent magazine of “Mindful” an author, Daniel, wrote about three types of focus we require to live a more fulfilling life: Inner focus, Other focus, and Outer focus. As a 50 something woman, his take on this interested me because I knew about it, but just hadn’t defined it in the way he did.

Inner Focus

Inner Focus is all about our ‘gut feeling’ and guiding values. Our physical two eyes focus and receive the images that are placed in front of us. But our inner focus takes what is beyond what we physically see. I have a high level of intuition. But my son’s is even higher. He can pick out a con-artist, scammer, or “fake” person after about 25 words of conversation – he just “knows.”  He’s able to take everything he physically sees and combines it with that inner intuition or gut feeling and he just ‘knows’. I think everyone has that inner focus, but just hasn’t refined being able to listen to it.

Other Focus

Other Focus is the strength in our ability to be connect to other people. It requires that you have a strong sense of empathy and compassion, and desire to understand other people’s perspectives and situations. Other Focus shifts our focus from ourselves to other people.

Outer Focus

Outer Focus enables us to have the ability to navigate the bigger picture – our large world. With Outer Focus you understand that you can’t live your life in a bubble, and that we truly are connected to something much larger than ourselves.

So how does this all come together for a woman that is having trouble focusing? I think it all boils down to one simple word – priorities. Each of the types of focus can relate back to figuring out your priorities and acting on them.

How to prioritize if you lack focus

First, let me encourage you that there are 3 simple benefits for helping yourself learn to prioritize.

1. Simplifies decision making.
Smart choices just seem automatic when you can identify which tasks are urgent and where your efforts will have the most impact and meaning to you. You’ll act with a little more sureness in your step instead of just drifting from one dilemma to the next!

2. You can accomplish more. First, you have to distinguish between doing more and achieving more. Have you ever seen a little hamster on one of those wheels? There’s no denying she’s DOING a lot of work. But is she really achieving anything? Prioritizing helps you to work and be more productive and divide your time more effectively.

3. Reduces stress. Imagine your peace of mind when you stop feeling like you have too little time and too much to do. You can accept your limits and be satisfied in doing your best. Your confidence will keep growing as you enjoy the results of your new sense of direction.

Learning about his definitions of Focus confirmed for me why my program of “Finally Fulfilled!” worked for me, and others.

By doing the exercises I was able to put a clear definition on my priorities, and then my three types of focus seemed to finally get synchronized with each other.

Are you the least bit curious about:

  • what helped me to create daily important commitments
  • how I learned to start the day strong
  • organized my day
  • shortened my to-do list
  • and mapped out my life..which as much as a year ago gave me the confidence to leave a full time career?

I put it all together in my “Finally Fulfilled!” self-paced coaching program…..

You can read more about it ===>HERE<===

Hugs and feathers from the nest!!



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