The 3 Big Ds of Accomplishing the Things You Want to Do

I’m on a problem solving team at work, so I’m on a mindset of find problems – fix problems.

Since we are in “Big D” (Dallas TX), these thoughts seemed appropriate as I was jotting some notes and doing some mind mapping.  I hope they can help you over the hurdle of accomplishing some of the things you want to do in 2012!

The 3 Big D’s of Accomplishing The Things You Want to Do



You must approach a goal with a marked mind full of conscious of the nature and effects of each action of the Goal. Each

step must be intentional and mapped by careful consideration of “will this step move me towards the goal?” (i.e. no chasing rabbits)



Your actions and thoughts must be intentional. Even the slightest hesitancy or negative thought interrupts the trail of

neurons in the brain. You must have a firm resolution, a firm purpose and belief that the goal is attainable. A goal needs your firm strength and concentration.



You must persevere. The path will not be easy at first. Walking through an uncharted forest, there will be

limbs to knock you down, bushes to snag your clothes and a clear path unseen. But, if you continue through the path

every day, over a course of time, a firm and unhindered footpath will develop.


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