Capture Christmas Spirit in a Jar

I’ve heard people say, well, shoot, I’ve even thought it myself…

“Why can’t we keep the Christmas Spirit all year?

Yes, there is something heart warming and magical about the Season and we seem to be filled with a more loving and grateful heart.

Then mid-January rolls around along with the bills and the busy life, and soon all the warm fuzzies we had in December are nothing but little dust bunnies under the furniture.

Well, here is an idea in hopes to help you capture and enjoy some Christmas Spirit all year!

Make a “Christmas Spirit” jar!
1. Hurry, right now go run over and make a list of 30 things that you enjoyed and made your Christmas special. To jog your memory, try some of these: People you saw, places you went, events you attended, special foods, ornaments, a tradition….Get the idea?
2. Now, make your jar ( follow the simple directions over on this page )

It’s that simple! Now any time you need a little pick me up of Christmas Spirit and gratitude, just open your jar and read one of the slips of paper and remember……..

I’m going to go make mine right now!!

~~The Attitude of Gratitude will Increase Your Altitude!~~

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