Simple Things to Make Life Easier – Day 2

Repetitive unproductive actions waste my time.

That statement is really a no brainer.

Can you think of a repetitive unproductive action that you do during the day that really doesn’t get “anything done”.

My action is checking email. I realized the other day that I had checked my email 10 times! Oh my goodness, did I really think Publishers Clearing House is going to notify me by mail?? I KNOW they do that with the van, tv crew and balloons!!

The recent simple change I started in my life to make my life easier is to check my personal email twice a day. I thought about doing it only once a day, but for me to reduce to one when I had been doing it 10 seemed a little drastic, but I may change that thought soon!

The flip side to this action is when I check my email…I CHECK MY EMAIL. That means I take action on the emails right then and there. If I need to delete, I do so. If I need to read it, I do it. And if it’s junk I delete AND take the time to unsubscribe or report spam. RIGHT THEN AND THERE…NO DELAY!

Oh my goodness how freeing this has been!

Here’s to making life easy and simple!

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