Simple Things to Make Life Easier – Day 1

Our nest is empty and part of my survival has been all about finding ways to simplify life. I’m on a mission for the next 30 days to find simple ways to make life easier. I may find and action, a computer program, a phone application or who knows what else. It’s time to take the 24 hours in a day, those precious 1440 minutes and use them wisely and to the fullest! They say if you aren’t taking enough breaks, then you actually start losing productivity.

I don’t know about you, but I can get so engrossed in the rush of work that I will find myself with tense muscles and eyes that focus. I’ll look at the clock and realize I have been working without a break for over 2 hours.

I’ve found an Android application that will help me to remember to take breaks and rest my brain.

Brain Break by Michael Skrychevsky

Now, instead of cluttering up my Alarms on my phone, this application can help me.

Here’s to making life easier!

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