PLAN – A new year with Purpose

I love the beginning of the new year and here we are almost finished with the first month. There is only one more day!

I know many of you made resolutions. And then, some of you did not. Did you know I heard that the number one resolution people make is to lose weight. And it’s usually the first resolution that doesn’t happen.

Not succeeding on our resolutions is usually a result of setting vague goals, or perhaps they are unrealistic.

Well, guess what. I’m not going to write about losing weight.

But, I do want to remind you that it’s not too late to plan for the year. Some folks call it resolutions. I like to call it goal planning.

If you didn’t do yours on January 1, it’s not too late to do it tonight.

Here are a few little hints to help you PLAN forward for your year.

First, don’t make a goal that you in your gut don’t think you will really keep. Many times we set goals that everyone else is making – call it the adult version of peer pressure.

SO, we go on a diet because everyone at the office is going on a diet. We go on a budget because of a talk show everyone is talking about. Then, when we fail at the goal, we feel like a failure and battle with our mind but we keep singing a horrible song in our mind of “failure, you didn’t do it, you never you will”.

If you want to make your 2013 a year of new beginnings in your empty nest then let’s make some SMART goals for a wonderful year. Make January your month to PLAN!

Here is the format to make SMART goals.

Specific – Describe your goal very exact and specific. If you want to travel more, then state how many trips you want to take and how many days, and perhaps the places you want to visit. “Our goal is to take 3 vacations, each 5 days in length. One in the mountains, one at the beach and one in our home state”

Measurable – To know you finally reached your goal you need to have a starting and ending. ” Vacation to _____ on dates _____. Check when completed ____ ”

Achievable – The goal should stretch you, but be within reach. This is where you will get your motivation that will fuel your brain cells to accomplishment. (For me, saying to take a vacation in some far away, very distant land, probably isn’t realistic. I don’t like being on an airplane after 6 hours, haha! So something trip that takes 24 hours to even get there probably is stretching it)

Realistic – You must have the skills, time and resources to accomplish your goals. It’s fine to want to vacation, but how are the funds? What modifications may need to be done.

Timed – Goals must have deadlines. Without deadlines your goal setting would be too vague. (Vacation 1 will be on X date. Vacation 2 will be on X date. Vacation 3 will be on X date)

If you PLAN in small steps you will start seeing your empty nest take some new shape. Here’s to Refeathering your nest!

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