Some days you just need a good pep talk

The empty nest journey is filled with highs and lows and empty nest survival comes in many different forms.

Some parents are so ecstatically thrilled for their kids to finally leave home (think of the movie “Failure to Launch”) that they run through the house waving their hands and signing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’.

Then others have a response on the complete opposite of the spectrum and fall into a deep depression. 

Then there are those like me that were somewhere in the middle.  Not ecstatic.  Not depressed.  Somewhere in the middle but determined to take the new transition of life and DO something with it and create our “re-feathered nest”.

New changes sometimes bring anxiousness and sometimes you just need someone to come along side you and offer you some words of encouragement.  

Consider this one of those days. ….

I give to a wonderful pep talk…..from a kid.

You have now been Pep Talked! Now go make an awesome day!

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