Pioneers are the ones with arrows in their chest

The phrase immediately causes me to remember some of my favorite John  Wayne movies!

Can’t you just see the horses, the dust, the sound of rifles firing and the whizzing of arrows in the air!

I love how these writers invoke a new picture in my mind!

You MUST not be afraid to make that first step and leap out into your dreams!  I was really inspired how her “guest” blogger talked about health, wellness and exercise!  NOW, I can envision the triumph of Rocky!

Please take a quick moment to read Laura’s post over at Flying Pigs Communication and then I challenge YOU to take the challenge.

Whether it be health, wellness, or business –

Take the first step to fight your battle and climb your mountain!

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  • Twanna Timme

    Hi, interesting read. It will help me alot in my own training routine.

  • Kim

    Glad it helped ya Twanna! Strive for the best!

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