5 Steps For Peace of Mind

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Last year I enjoyed finding a few new things about myself while on my “Artist’s Journey”.  I found out that I enjoy some concepts about Yoga.  And I enjoy reading YogaJournal Magazine.  WAIT.  Read more before you shut me out!

I know many folks are not enthusiasts of Yoga and some are very impressed.  I’m sort of a middle of the road.  I’m probably what some call a “recreational” yoga enthusiast.  Some of the concepts – deep breathing – being still – quiet moments truly ARE what many health professionals say are good for us.  I’m not even sure of all the names of for the poses.  But I know that the act of slowing down helps calm my spirit AND my blood pressure.

I was enjoying reading the latest issue today and an article jumped out at me.  I’ve been experiencing some hectic days with many tasks to do.  And sometimes, Peace of Mind seems to escape me.

But, you see, we all have within us what it takes to find a momentary peace of mind even during the most hectic of days.  And it can take as little as 3 minutes.

This powerful breathing exercise can help you feel grounded even when it seems like things are falling apart around you.

  1. Set an Intention.  Claim something very intentional, such as “I KNOW this problem can be overcome.  I will seek insight in order to see solutions more clearly”.
  2. Find some Privacy.  If you can’t find a quiet corner anywhere the put some headphones on and play a favorite song.
  3. Let go of your Tension with four BIG breaths.  While you inhale, lift your shoulders up toward your ears.  When you exhale, release your shoulders.
  4. Take 10 breaths. Close your eyes and take 10 slow breaths.  Just keep your thoughts on your breaths.  If at any point you start thinking about ,anything other than breathing, start again.  Keep trying until you can take 10 slow breaths and keep your thoughts clear.
  5. Return to your intention.  Restate your intention, and begin your work.  You will be more focused!

((If you enjoyed this, then you may glean some other helpful ideas from Yogajournal.com))

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