One Word That Will Change Your Life Instead of Resolutions

No More Resolutions One Word That Will Change Your Life

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. I think many of us have uttered those words multiple times throughout our life.

I remember one time in my early twenties, I just recycled my list every year, because it was the same resolutions year in and year out.

Then I did what many folks do. I just quit making resolutions. You can’t fail if you don’t try, right?
87% of the adults create resolutions…
50% of resolutions fail and end by the end of January.
Compound that fact with the fact that 9 out of 10 resolution makers quit by the end of March.

But, as I grew grayer and wiser (i.e. older), I just new that wasn’t a great way to live my life, or create change for my life.

In my early years of self growth and self development (turning 40 sparked some life changing decisions), I stumbled on an idea

of not setting any resolutions but to instead choosing a Theme Word for my year. One word. Yep, no more resolutions.

Just one word. The one word as my theme word for the year.

Instead of making a list of goals, or even setting one goal, I instead chose one word to be my “Theme Word” for the year. Why? Because a list of resolutions can be forgotten. But one word – it’s easily remembered, and more easily attained.

A Word Of Caution – you may experience some life change!

Focus on a Theme Word for the Year

Focusing on a word for the year gives us clarity, purpose and a passion for life that may have been missing. Your word becomes your filter, your guidepost, a marker on your life’s path. By using your one word theme for the year you can experience less distractions in life and it can keep us focused on what really matters. By choosing the one word, it initiates a process of change – teaching, developing, molding, refining you along the way.

Choosing your theme word will allow God to use your word as both an illuminating light and a sparkling mirror.

The light can light your path, show you the way, guide your decisions. The mirror can reflect and reveal things that need change.

How to choose your Theme Word

Inward Reflection
Get quite, unplug and prepare yourself to listen. Listen to your heart. Quiet yourself to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your soul.

Ask yourself some thoughtful questions:
1. What do I need this year?
2. What’s in my way?
3. What needs to be removed?

Upward Rediscovery
Once you’ve prepared your heart with inner reflections, you are ready to receive your word. I truly believe that God has a word that is meant for you for the year. Now it’s time to ask him to reveal it to you. Remember, God can use many means to communicate with us and you really never know when, where, or how your word will be revealed.
Ask God to reveal your word to you with a simple question of “What do you want to do in me and through me this year?” Then, write down the first inner promptings you feel.
Attune your heart to listen and be open to the word that God shares with you. Once He has revealed to you your Theme Word, write it down!

Outward Reliving

Once you discover and feel the inner confirmation of the word that is meant for you for the year, then it’s time to outwardly live it. This is where we put in some elbow grease and get to work. Keep your One Theme Word front and center. Write down three things you will do to make sure you have regular reminders of your word:
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

Sharing your One Theme Word with three people in your inner circle -People you know that will support you and cheer you on this year.
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

Tell others about this idea of One Theme Word for the year! Why don’t you share the idea on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other forms of social media?. Feel free to share it with your bible study group, your family, your co-workers.
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

Share with others “My One Word Theme” for this year is __________________ #OneWordTheme

I look forward to hearing what your theme word is for the coming year! Share your comments below!

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