Nothing Is Written Until You Write It

This is a famous line in the old classic “Lawrence of Arabia”.


The army had marched through the burning sands and were nearly dead from dehydration.  The stumbled upon an oasis when Lawrence realized that a camel boy was missing.  When he could find no volunteers to march back into the desert to retrieve the boy, he went himself.   The men pleaded with him not to go – begging – saying that “it is Allah’s will the boy did not return with us.   His fate was written by God. We must not interfere”.


Two days later, Lawrence returned, with the boy.  The exhausted Lawrence said to them in a whisper…


“Nothing is written unless you write it.”


Nothing is written unless we write it.


Christ constantly asked his followers “what do you want me to do for you”, “what do you want done in your life”.

Matthew 7:7 says “Ask, and it shall be given you….”


If God is open to our ideas of what we want….

Shouldn’t we then learn to be open to ideas?


Tom Peters  points out “75% of the most recent innovative inventions came from people outside the profession.  Apple computers for example was born in a kid’s garage.  The kid had left the big boys because they would not listen to him”


Maybe it’s time to turn an ear towards the heavens, towards your friends, your coworkers, your family…and listen

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