Food For The Mind Is Fuel For The Heart

“Teaching is educating the mind. Preaching is educating the heart. “

My recent chapter in Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones is an eye opening look into how we ALL should be educators.

Jesus went everywhere teaching, healing and preaching” which means 2/3 of his time was spent in education.

The majority of the time when he healed people, he then told them to change their attitude or behavior.

Jesus’ mission was to deliver our crown, but he knew we needed a new mind and heart in order to receive it!

The world of books is one that I am grateful that my parents bestowed upon me.  When a business sponsor told me that the best thing I could do in my leadership growth was to read daily from a good book  I was on it!

This is a principle I highly suggest for anyone wanting to change something in their life, whether it be something physical, mental or spiritual.  And it doesn’t mean you have to devour a book a day or a book a week.  Simply finding a good book and reading 10 pages a day will set you on a road to an expanded mind.  And this rule isn’t for adults only!

And as a result of your example, instilling the love of books in your kids and grandchildren is one of the greatest gifts you can give them! I am thankful that the love of books was instilled in me at an early age. I am proud that we passed it along to our son who is graduating college in a few days. Some of my most precious memories with him was taking him to Library Story Days or curling up in bed and reading book after book, or, the SAME book over and over!

The beautiful thing is that you can create a loving memory such as this with as little or as much cost as you want.

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