Rise Above It All

I am continuously amazed at when we pray.  God answers.
Isn’t that silly?  We pray asking and seeking an answer, yet when God actually provides the answer we act as though we did not expect it?  Aren’t we silly children?

I’ve been concentrating since March 1 on starting my day with quick study time in a book called Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones. I had decided that I needed to change some of my inner thoughts and words in my head.

Combined with Jesus CEO (to be a better leader) and Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer (to change my thinking), I have my first tools for my journey for change.

My day today didn’t get to start as I had hoped.  Instead of my quiet time I have been enjoying, I had to hit the ground running as soon as I got to my desk.  My usual reading didn’t happen until my lunch break.

The chapter – Rise Above It All

The gist of the chapter – when faced with obstacles and events that you don’t understand and don’t agree with sometimes you must be like an eagle and rise above it all.  Just soar above the chaos – keep your eyes on the final prize.

How appropriate when the previous two hours has been nothing shy of “chaotic”!  Now see, this morning at the break of dawn this chapter wouldn’t have meant as much.  But considering I just went through the chaos, I REALLY needed the lesson…

So, I’m spreading my wings – catching the updraft… and ready to SOAR!
Come join me on the flight!

By the way, I’m chronicling my journey to change. I’m not promising all the change will be over in 30 days.  But, I’ll have my steps to start the next 30 days.  I’ll be starting a special newsletter that will be 30 small daily lessons.  I hope it will be of use to others!

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