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Ok, I’ll confess. I like themes. I like theme songs. I liked theme birthday parties when I was a kid. I liked planning theme parties for my son. I like theme “rooms” in my house. Themes are FUN.

Now, with that little tidbit aside, I think I would like to give my Year of 2010 a theme.

Remember, a good story has a theme from which the story is built and the message is delivered. The questions are answered. A book with a successful theme “connects” and all the aspects of the book make sense.

So, I am thinking that giving myself an annual theme it will become a statement for me to keep coming back to all year
An annual theme would have to do with either a mantra that motivates me, an area in life that I want to improve or a passion that I want to live on a more regular basis. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Over the holidays I read several books, articles and blogs and one theme “the long road begins with one step…”. Well, 2010 will be a year of several steps as they start coming to a finality…Our son will be close to graduating college, he is engaged and will be marrying 1/1 of 2011, my road to making clear goals, to name a few. My goal is “Faith of the Heart”. I envision a glorious butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon getting ready for flight. I can hear the song “Faith of the Heart” in my mind, and have it as my #1 song on my daily “motivational mp3 playlist”

Here are some things to help you choose your 2010 theme:

* List 10 goals you have for the upcoming year. Look for common themes within these goals.
* Think about what riches you want added to your life, perhaps a new relationship or more depth to current relationships.
* Give yourself a theme song, something that when you hear it, it helps you to focus on your intentions.
* What are the passions that you want to focus more time and energy on? Let one of these be your guide for the year.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel a real focus when I get up in the morning. I know what needs to be done, I love living my life, and I am expecting more this year!

My 2010 theme is, “Faith of the Heart” with the soundtrack of the song from the Star Trek shows or from Patch Adams

What’s yours?

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