Living in purpose or what kind of eggs do you like

What kind of eggs do YOU like?
What kind of eggs do YOU like?
Many mom’s find themselves a little lost when the kids leave home.
Maybe you found yourself sad? Or you said the words “What do I do now that my job is over? Job Mom is not the #1 priority any longer.

Never fear Mom! You have entered a time of your life where you can reward yourself for a job well done in raising your children. You may be filled with tears, doubt, sadness. But there is a way to find your new purpose since the kids have flown the coop. It’s called “Re-Purposing your Life”

You may have found during your years as Mom that you were pulled between all your duties that came motherhood. Combine that with duties outside of the home if you worked, volunteered and had church commitments. Now that you can step back and evaluate yourself you may realize that you lost touch with yourself in that you quit doing things you enjoyed to make room for all the other ‘things” that needed to be done. In fact, you may not even realize what you DO enjoy.

Knowing your values helps you to be more aware of what is important to you and is one of your key tools you need in order to map your new journey to finding new Purpose and Passions.

I think back to a scene from the movie “Runaway Bride” where the bride is asked by the reporter what kind of eggs she likes. She later realizes that she always liked eggs cooked the way her fiance liked (she had been running away from several weddings at the altar so she had a number of them in her past). If you know the story, she later finds herself sitting in front of counter with many different plates of eggs prepared in many different ways. She was trying to figure out how SHE liked her eggs cooked.

Working through the list of words that represent your core values is my way of asking you “What kind of eggs do you like?”. What are YOUR core values that make you feel fulfilled. It’s time to get in touch with those values because you are now have blank page in your book of life. You have the opportunity to map out your journey during this wonderful stage of life called “The Empty Nest”

Now that you worked through your Core Values you have your list of your 12 Core Values.

It’s time to list them here:


Truthfully, you probably already have an idea of what is important to you. But being pulled in so many directions may have resulted in you feeling a little disconnected. Some of the things important to you may have slipped to the bottom of your priorities.

Mom, you have permission now to put yourself on the top of your priority list!

You have time now start building a new life, and knowing your Core Values. You can live your life with a new purpose. You can resurrect and restore old passions.

Knowing your Core Values and having them written down is the beginning of the process to creating your “cow paths” of conscious change in your life! Once you know where you want to improve, you can design your plan to create and design your new purpose. You can now make a conscious decision to take actions and plan activities that are sure to build upon and enforce your Core Values.

Are you ready to discover a treasure?

Remember, “A map not drawn is a treasure not found” and you have started your map.


  • Alyssa

    Hard for me to even consider this considering my kids are 9, 5 and 4, but you’re so right!

  • Tina Kyei

    Knowing our core values in life is the way to achieving greater successes in every area of our lives. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rossandra White

    Although my nest emptied a little while ago, along with my husband, I believe life is all about self-examination, becoming more conscious of everything we do. Thanks for a great post.

  • Kim

    Thanks for stopping by Rossandra! I agree with you. Life is all about self-examination. And we have to keep current and do some self-examinations at different stages of our life.

  • Kim

    Tina, thanks for stopping by! Yes ma’am, we can achieve so much more if we take evaluation and know where we are currently on the road map of life! =)

  • Kim

    Alyssa, thanks for stopping in! My goodness, what a house full of blessings you have! Enjoy them every moment, because time passes swiftly!!

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