I watched a bird flapping against the wind today

Storm Crow
Image by Pandiyan via Flickr

It was a STRONG wind here in Texas.
That little bird was flapping and flapping and absolutely NOT
going anywhere. But he kept on flapping.
I had to step away from the window for only a split second,
and when I got back – he was GONE.

That got me to thinking. Why DO birds fly against the wind?
Why not GIVE UP? Perch on a limb? Go play in a puddle of water?
Land? WHY keep flapping and flapping and flapping and not moving

I googled. I found lots of “scientific” websites about bird flight
which were way over my head (no pun intended).

But you know what the bottom line was? The bird knows it
wants to get from point A to point B and the only way to get
there is to fly the direction it needs to go. It may be that
is against the wind (a harder journey) or it may be the wind
to it’s back (a faster journey). Against the wind or with the
wind – either way, the bird must keep the destination in mind
and FLAP. Eventually, the gust of wind will subside – the bird
will have momentum build up from all the flapping and
the bird will WILL get there.
If it had given up, then it would need to start all over.

Don’t give up! Keep FLAPPING!

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