When is 90 greater than 100

What is more valuable – Time or Money?

That was a question posed with some Facebook friends. And most of them voted
that TIME was more valuable. Time can never be replaced. That second that
just passed can never be reclaimed.

Time is more valuable! And time is even more valuable when you leverage your

90 can never be greater than 100 – or can it?
YES! It CAN if leveraged properly.
Punch in the numbers 90 in your microwave and how long does your
food cook? 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Put in the numbers 100 in your microwave and you only get
1 minute of cooking time.

So, 90 IS greater than 100 –
It’s all in how you use it!

How are you going to leverage your time today?

I have been reading an old book called
How to work the competition into the ground by John Molloy and it is all about leveraging your time wisely when working in order to work more efficiently – and beat the socks off the competition.

The greatest lessons so far:

**Remove the obstacles that keep you from focusing on the task at hand…
This book was written in the 70’s so I’ve had to adapt the
“obstacles” to the present…
1. Shut down the email while working on a project.
2. Turn off or close down all the social media outreaches
3. Log off the IM program

**Clean the clutter off the desk
1. File and Organize
2. If you are not going to use a stack of papers within
2 hours, File them.
3. Everything goes in a file
4. No piles of “I’m working on it” on your desk, or in the floor, or a chair next to you.
5. File, file file.

Happy Leveraging!
Try making your 90 greater than 100!

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