How do I reach my goal

How DO you reach your goal?

To reach a goal, takes action. Not a lot of wishful thinking. Yes, it is important to REALLY want
your goal. But just sitting around and thinking “positive” about reaching your goal is not going to GET
you to your goal.

Maybe you need to try the following idea that was shared to me. I know I have!

She called it the 10-Day Power Plan

First, decide on WHY you are working on this goal. Perhaps you have a home business. Or perhaps you have a sales goal. What ever the reason, write down 10 of them. 10 Reasons WHY you are working on this goal.

Next you are going to take each reason WHY, one by one and write them on your calendar days for the next 10 days. So WHY #1 is your focus for tomorrow; WHY #2 is your focus for the next day, etc.

Each of the next 10 days you have set your goal (WHY) as your motivation for the action steps you are going to take for that day. This will assist you in determining HOW MUCH that WHY REALLY means to you.

Next, your action steps – and they DON’T have to be huge. Set a goal of 2 a day if you have struggled in the past with getting into action. (You can set a goal of more if you have more confidence right now)

Set a goal to contact just 2 people about your business opportunity; hosting a home show; doing a one on one VIP Appointment; Inviting them to an event, etc.

Just 2.

Just 2 a day for the next ten days.

Just 2 for the next ten days to get your Whys accomplished and puts 20 actions DONE.

If your WHY is really strong and motivating, and you are serious about it, stretch yourself beyond 2 a day. Decide how fast you want to get that WHY conquered and take action.

Build that better future for the next 10 days and see what happens.

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