The beginning or the end it’s all in how you look at it

It seems as though I hear myself saying a lot lately “why does the weekend have to end?”  This usually happens on Sunday night as we are going to bed.  And then I realized this Monday morning that maybe I’ve been thinking about weekends according to the “old way”.  I was raised that the week is at least Monday – Sunday.  This puts Saturday and Sunday at the end of the week.  But Saturday and Sunday are the most fun!  It seems a shame for it to have to end.

However, their are some religions where  Sunday is the first day of the week. I’m beginning to think this frame of thought is a much happier way to think!!  Sunday is the beginning of the week – a happy day.  And Saturday is another happy day to end the week!  So all the weekdays in between are sandwiched between happy days.

I’m going to try changing my way of thought.

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