Focus on the New Beginning

I love to start a new book, with the pages crisp and the spine not having been bent yet. There is something about that book and the anticipation of the new words that will leap to my eyes while reading.

I enjoy starting a new project, whether it’s a new page to write, or a garden to be planted or a new recipe to be cooked. The unwritten page – the untilled soil – the unchopped vegetables. They all represent a new beginning. A new start. No mistakes or failures yet to discourage me.

Today was the day back to work for many folks, including myself. A new beginning. One of the first days of the new year of 2012.

I remember when I was a younger our family used to make New Year Resolutions and we would make our list and put it in a jar only to be read at the end of the year. Of course you know the idea, to read the the list of all the great accomplishments. But, I think most of you know how the story ended. We were lucky to have one or maybe two of our items accomplished. So, through the years I reduced it from 20 to 10 and then last year I made 5. I kept reducing my “resolutions” because the list of unfulfilled was just too discouraging.

This year, my husband was a bit of an inspiration to me. He proudly proclaimed he was making only one resolution of 4 words. One item on his list. This idea resonated with me, and I began thinking about it more intently.

The thought of choosing ONE thing that I felt would make the most difference in my life was perplexing. What should it be? What could it be? What could it be for you?

What one thing could you focus on for the entire year that would make an awesome and incredible difference for your life?

One Thing

What would it be? A bad habit that is holding you back from your ultimate potential? A character you want to strengthen?

What if you could channel all your energies to ONE item and FOCUS on obtaining success and accomplishment?

I think for me personally, this was a stupendous idea and removed a massive amount of stress off an already overworked and burdened shoulders!

So, I chose a Character Trait of “Gratitude”. This was something I was already working on during the last week of December. But, I personally want to overflow with Gratitude during the coming year so I decided to focus on finding 3 things daily.

Of course, as we all know with Resolutions. As sure as the world, once you decide to DO something, it seems as though obstacles come trying to derail your efforts. In fact, last week I was having one of those “horrible, terrible, awful” days at the office and my loving husband reminded me that I had not stated my “Gratitude” for the day. Wow, I was being WATCHED and he was holding me accountable! Well, I had to dig deep that day, but I found some gratefulness in my 2 precious furbabies, Zak and Ginger.

But, the point here is two-fold. Be prepared for a little work as it will not always be easy. And be prepared that folks are going to be watching you once you let it be known. Accountability is a good though!

So, here’s to your 2012!
Focus on New Beginnings!

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