Be Still my soul when God call you to a season of rest

Be still my soul when God calls you to a season of rest

Be Still my soul when God call you to a season of rest
Do you tackle or tiptoe? I’ll admit, I’ve done my fair share of tiptoeing. I answered one of those personality tests 20 years ago which identified my personality as a ‘peacemaker.’ The type of person that didn’t want to make waves and strives to make sure everyone is happy. Even at the expense of my feelings and desires, I worried about how others felt and put their needs first. Some may say that’s a good *mothering or womanly* instinct to have. But is it? Really? Is tiptoeing around a problem better than tackling it?

Have you heard the expression “An empty pot cannot fill the cup.” You may have lived the scene in your life. Have you ever gone to fill your coffee cup only to discover the pot is empty and still on? You could imagine the feeling of warmth as the decadent, silky brew passed through your lips. You had your cup ready with a spot of cream inside and drop or two of sweetener. Perhaps you were a little distracted when you grabbed the carafe and didn’t notice it was light with air rather than heavy with the black and beautiful liquid. Then you tilted it forward, and only a measly drop fell into your cup. You had to choose at that moment. Either brew another cup, to refill the pot or walk away empty handed, yet still longing for its steamy goodness.

So many women struggle with the process of filling the cup. No, I’m not talking about the coffee cup. I’m talking about their cup of life.

Becoming a woman at rest

Why is it so hard for women to slow down and take care of themselves?

I’m starting a reflective journal experience to document journey to rest. #WomanAtRest You see, I tiptoed around the problem of self-care for several years. But, I will soon celebrate 2 1/2 years as a ‘cubicle nation escapee.’ I gave myself that title to put a cute twist on my quitting the corporate world and coming home to — rest.

When I quit my job, I was at a physical, mental and spiritual impasse. My pot was empty, and I didn’t have anything left to give. I was that empty coffee pot. I looked like a coffee pot; I sat in the coffee machine. But, the heat was on. Do you know what can happen to an empty coffee pot if left on the burner too long? They crack.


I was at a cracking point. Yes, I was living a great life. No, I wasn’t depressed (at least I didn’t think I was at the time.) By all outside appearances, I was happy.

Why is it hard to take/make quiet time in the morning to pray, read and meditate? What’s so hard about turning things ‘off’ an hour early and restoring our spirit with quiet? Why is it so difficult to ask others for help? Why is it so hard to turn down projects or promotions?

Maybe it’s because we live in a society of ‘more and instant.’ We want more, and we want it fast. Or is the unsettled spirit is because everyone else can do “it” (whatever it is) and their life seems so wonderful? So, we have the “why can’t I” mentality.

Several things were going on at the time, which are all topics for a different post. The bottom line was that I made bad decisions on handling stress. I was at a point that just deciding to ‘do things differently’ wasn’t an option. I had to make changes. It was entirely my fault the changes had to be drastic. But, I knew the time had come I had to tackle it head-on and in a big way…

So, I quit my corporate job. I walked away from the status, the prestige, the money…

And I came home.

Home, to place of rest and a season of rest….

I don’t know what you’re facing in your life now. Maybe God is calling you into a season of rest. Or, perhaps you have a huge decision you need to make.

I encourage you to walk into the problem with the strength of the Lord.

Tackle the problem head-on, rather than tiptoeing around it. Be the woman of faith who leans on her Lord for the strength you need. Let your heart pray “Be still my soul.” If you feel the prompting that God is calling you into a season of rest, feel free to comment. I would love to pray for you during your season of rest.

Self-care strategies for women of Faith

Here are some self-care strategies I implemented immediately.

Realize that self-care is not selfish. Remember my analogy above about the coffee pot. It’s your responsibility to take care of your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. No one else can do it for you.
Be your best friend. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend. Some of the things we do to ourselves or the inner words we say to ourselves are shameful. We would never treat another person that way, why do it to ourselves?
Spend time alone.Some women may have a hard time doing this. Time alone can be in prayer, or quiet meditation with some quiet praise and worship music. You can spend quiet time with an uplifting book and a cup of tea. It’s important to quiet the outside hustle and bustle. A time of rest is to be ..restful.
Create a support network. Hopefully you have people in your life who support your decision for a season of rest. A spouse, loved ones or best friend can provide the encouragement you need along the way if you find yourself doubting your decision.
Live a new routine. A season of rest means you are going to quit doing some things you used to do. For every woman it’s different. It may mean a drastic job change or simple changes to your environment. It’s important to know your priorities and what the season of rest is for you.

When I answered God’s call to my season of rest, I quit my corporate job. I told everyone the time was for me to heal my heart, mind, body, and soul. I started new daily routines, the most important was getting back into God’s word. My hungry, thirsty and parched soul found this to be my greatest need. It helped many areas of my life which will fill pages and pages of my journal as I share them with you.

Until them, I encourage you to be a Woman At Rest.

Kim Steadman is a wife, mother and proud Meme. She retired from corporate life to bring her heart, mind, body and soul home and to start her creative writing journey. Her writing works include “The Creative Prayer Journal” and “The Diary of a Recycled Dog.” She loves to help other creatives nurture the connection between their faith & creativity.


  • Annette Gardner

    Love it.

  • Kim Hawkins

    I love what you have shared here, Kim. Self-care is not selfish. I don’t know how we got to where we are as a society, but the rush-rush, hurry-hurry, get-to-the-top mentality is grueling. I left the corporate world several years ago and I have not regretted it for one moment. Can’t wait to see and share more of your creative endeavors.

  • Melody Ringo

    I left the “rat race”/ corporate world eighteen months ago due to major health, stress and overall sanity issues. I am no longer a cute little “cube farm” animal, slaving away in my dead end job and hoping for a better future. I am now in the driver’s seat of my life, with God’s roadmap as my guide.

    When I decided to retire early, I needed time … time to heal, renew my body, mind and spirit. Since then, I’ve experienced major life challenges that have required my full attention, but have not necessarily allowed me to focus on self care to the degree that I imagined it when I left my day job.

    But God is faithful and He has helped me to slowly but surely learn how to “rest in Him”, to trust Him with my future and listen to that still small voice that speaks truth to my soul.

    Resting in Him is truly freeing. I want to get to the point where it is my default setting so I can truly life my life, carry out His will for this season of my life and find my calling, my message and my voice.

    He gave me a gift for writing and I desire to give it back to Him as my first fruits – books I know He has inspired me to write that I believe will inspire and help others to go deeper in their faith journeys and to share their gifts with the world.

  • Kim Steadman

    Hi Melody! You and I are fellow cubicle-nation escapees! I never thought ‘learning to rest’ would be an issue for me. But, just like breaking pets of bad habits, I realized ‘not resting’ is a bad habit I’ve had to break! I can’t wait to see what God does with your writing in the future!

  • Yannika

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences as you go through your season of rest. Almost everything you said resonated with me. I too quit my corporate job and am in a season of rest. Now after reading your post, I’m inspired even more and know exactly what I should be doing during this season. Thank you! 🙏🏽

  • Kim Steadman

    Yannika – thank you for your kind comment, and welcome to the club of corporate escapees =) I commend you on your choice, and heeding to your feeling of a season of rest. Mine ebbs and flows, and takes on different meaning. I encourage you to journal! It’s eye-opening! Thank you again for your comment!

  • Janice

    Thankful I was lead to your post. I recently retired earlier than I expected. It is clear that this was God’s plan for me. I was devoted to my work, and I believed to Jesus Christ. But as Jesus said, you can not serve two masters. He lead me to a place of burnout, a place where I doubted myself and my ability’s I had dedicated my life to these past 15 years. I never would have left if it was not for His orchestration of events and circumstances that made it clear it was time. I too was gifted creative writing skills. At this time I want to use the gift for the Lord’s purposes. I plan to take a creative writing course to brush up and gain more confidence. As I rest in this time o have been given, I give the glory to Him.

  • Gayle Gay

    Kim, Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. This was for me, I was fired after 33 years on a job @ the age of 53 for no apparent reason, at least to me until as I was being escorted out of the building I heard God speak to me: It’s time for you to rest in me!…I was that coffee pot and everything else you described. Again, Thank you for allowing God to write this, it’s my confirmation. God is preparing me for my next season.. God bless you!

  • Kim Steadman

    Thank you for stopping by and reading! God is always faithful, and nothing that happens to us is a surprise to Him.. God never says OOPS! I’m glad you discerned the His voice in what happened to you!

  • Tanisha J Williams

    I love you Lord and I lift my voice is all I can say as I Thank him for forgiving me for doubting he’d understand that this is exactly what I know my spirit felt ..but I may not have articilatedyit like that. Dear God please forgive me. I thank you for allowing me grace to read this. To find this. Thank you also for writing and speaking Holy Spirit. So gently what I needed. Today I called in from my caller center job as a prayer center warrior. I have found it to be a very psychologically negatively job and God I followed his order as I ate a hearty breakfast, bathed, worked out , visited a friend, completed a move to our new apartment since January 15, God has tested my endurance and im still running the race since the weather affected moving date however my employer has a no excuse policy and all but berated me during coaching session asking if I had the Holy Spirit or that she doubted it. Said I had joy and I know that is a fruit of the spirit considering I am spearheading my daughter’s therapy and believing God for full access to healing her of autism speech and other delays as well as assault by way of grandparent…All to this day is has not been able to declare or perceive how 😞 the assault was. My daughter was however looked in on today by God! HOW MUCH MORE DOES HE LOVE ME🎵 AND HER🎵 A therapy office called and i was able to articulate what my daughter’s true need. I’m believing God to open a door for me to work a job sensitive to accommodations so that I am successful at work however able to have a limited amount of hours worked. 32. I know God isn’t surprised that he allowed the call to come today since I had the time to take the call. Had I been at work at the call center I wouldn’t have been able to answer or take that time to thoroughly explain our family need..

    I’m standing on Psalm 62:5

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