A life with wings

My husband started taking the Shotz after hearing me comment and remark for two weeks.
I think he just got tired of hearing me say “you know what I’ve noticed..” and then I would fill in the blank with yet something else that has changed (for the GOOD) since taking my Life Shotz .

Well, hubby and I work together in the same office and one of the young ladies and he were having a conversation. I overheard them through the walls:

She said, “you know, I think that little powder thingy you have been taking is really working.”
He said, “Oh, why?”
She said, “well, you haven’t been so , well, grumpy, in the mornings”
She continued “it’s like, well, like your attitude has WINGS!”

All I could do is smile, because it’s the truth.
He has been happier in the mornings!

Whenever I hear a phrase, I always google it –
If you google “Attitude like wings” Stephen Micheal
Mischler has written book by that name!
You can find it at Amazon.com

Are you ready to give your Attitude some flying lessons?
Are you ready to put on your Wings?

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