Speeddate your life

Have you heard of SpeedDating?

The first time I saw it was an episode of “Sex in the City
I’m probably one of the few in the world that only ever saw a couple episodes of the show, but this one captured my interest.

SpeedDating (the spelling as one word is a trademarked word!) actually originated by Rabbi Yaacov Deyoto offer the local singles of the Jewish faith in Beverly Hills a way to meet a large number of new people.  It’s very organized, with tables and a set time for folks to visit.  Then the timer dings and they move to the next person.  At the end of the designated time frame, a person can decide which “speeddaters” they want to get to know better later.

I decided to SpeedDate my life!

Some people call it “branding yourself” or building your “ME” business. Have you heard of the concept? Probably so if you have a website / blog ? You have your website and it allows people to get to know the real “you”! You build a trust with them over the printed word or video blogs. It’s part of the marketing funnel mastery.

I discovered very quickly that I have to stay focused because I can get lost very quickly pointing and clicking and reading lots of blogs and websites. Then at the end of the hour, I had done some great reading and maybe taken some notes but in the end, I hadn’t really connected with anyone.

So I decided to SpeedDate every day.

The plan is simple:

  • Visit other blogs or forums every day. 4 to be exact.
  • Read and provide valid and insightful comments on each of those 4.
  • 3 times a week, choose one of those blogs or forums and do a little blurb of my own, and link back to that person’s website.

In about 20 minutes a day, I can “meet” other folks, learn along the way, glean ideas for one of my own blogs later. I keep my notebook handy to jot down ideas (no plagiarizing!) I TRULY didn’t expect this to work.

What do I have to show for it?

  • I have a notebook of blog ideas to research further.
  • I stumbled upon one website that was having a contest and entered with a blog of my own, and WON a one hour business coaching call.
  • I connected with one website several times and we “connected” over printed word and contact. We became Facebook friends and I’ll be doing a guest blog on her new website.

I love and appreciate the connections I’ve made along the way! I have truly “met” some folks that I KNOW I would otherwise not have met. I’ve learned valuable lessons. My opportunities have broadened. My horizons are brighter. I have more confidence.

Yup, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo had a good idea!


  • LeeWise

    For me, this is both an encouraging and informative post.

    I totally appreciate your sharing about not only the length of time it takes you to visit several blogs and make comments, the idea of a notebook nearby to jot down ideas, and some of the results that you have seen.

    Super. Thanks for sharing!

    — Live. Learn. Grow. Influence. —


  • Kim

    Thank you Lee! I appreciate you stopping by and visiting! The notebook has become my friend!

  • Faith Barnard


    I love this post, I love it, I love it! Did I say I love it? You took the whole syndication thing to a new level.

    At the end of the day all that matters are the relationships we develop, the bonds we make with others.

    Great job for doing this in spades.


  • Kim

    Faith – thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! I value your opinion VERY much! I’m learning a whole new world of developing relationships and it is so exciting!

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