Meet…The Turtle

As a young adolescent, I had the blessing of living with my parents on what I sometimes called “a little house in the prairie” (we lived in a small house in Grand Prairie, TX). Yes, we were in a city, but our street was on the outer most parts of the city and the “country” was around me . There were no houses next to us but rather open fields and woods and lots of critters. One summer, our dog was on the patio and making lots of noise barking. I went to the glass and saw that the dog was barking at a turtle that had found the dog’s food bowl to be a nice place for a snack. This was a hot dry summer and I suppose the turtle had journeyed our way and stumbled upon a meal. The turtle continued to make daily visits. I took a bottle of fingernail polish and made a marking on his back to ensure it was the same turtle visiting us. It was! That turtle could be a quick mover and it seemed as though that if we walked away from the glass, he would scittle away very quickly. Who ever said turtles moved slow really hasn’t observed them . Or, maybe just Texas turtles are quick?

When dinner was over, the turtle would begin making his journey back to the woods and the nearby watering hole. When turtles travel their favorite direction is straight. They don’t make many twists and turns unless the forward direction has an obstacle too large for them to mount. They will take the slightest diversion and then get right back on their forward direction.

Also, if we got too close trying to watch turtle, he would do the classic turtle action – pull in the head and legs and wait…and wait…and wait..until he could sense we “the enemy” were gone and he could safely make his journey again.

A few lessons I’ve applied from turtle, through the years are:

When the going get’s tough, the tough find another way. That summer, turtle had to find another way to find sustenance. Then, once he found what he needed (food and water at our patio) he continued to feed upon our supply.

Don’t give up. He had to make a LONG journey (at least for a turtle) from the watering hole, where I assumed he was originally from. But, he knew where he could find food and he made that journey daily. He didn’t give up on that original journey to find food, and his journey and searching paid off for him. He found a house that SPOILS pets and critters!

It’s ok to Tuck and NOT run. Some wildlife, like rabbits and squirrels will run and dart when they get into trouble and “the enemy” is close. That can sometimes lead to their demise. Instead, turtle just tucked and rode out his “storm” until “the enemy” was no longer around.

SO, you want to know something about health? or business building? or writing technique for a blog? Search. Find. Read.
Don’t give up!
There will be storms that arrive and seem to keep you from our dreams and goals. Just ride out the storm (self doubt, lack of knowledge) and stay your course with slow and sure steps every day!

I hope you have a Turtle day!
Tilt the world in your favor!

Maybe my turtle was this turtle's cousin!
Maybe my turtle was this turtle's cousin!

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