You can’t do this

A little piece of wisdom goes a long way.

” Do or Do Not , There is no try”. That was quote by Yoda, a short of stature character in the movie Star Wars

Did you know that movie was suppose to be a failure? Universal didn’t want the movie because they thought it was silly. The other studios passed on it as well until 20th Century Fox decided to take a gamble. It was a good gamble, wouldn’t you say?

I read an article by Randy Gage and he pointed out that to say you will “try” something is only setting you up for failure. You’ve already allowed yourself to quit and not finish. By deciding you WILL “DO” something you are deciding to finish.

I have a piece of what I call “Texas Wisdom” and it was something my daddy taught me. He and mom were led to start a church in our town. They bought the property that had an old home, old country church and property. There were going to be new challenges for the family. It was old. It was going to need repairs. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. So along the way he (with me by his side) learned how to do plumbing, electrical work, roofing, repair lawn mowers and tractors, car repairs, house building (and demolition).

Daddy always (and still does say it) said, “There is no Can’t”. He then explained. “Can’t means either “I don’t know how” or “I don’t want to do it”. “So if you don’t know how, go learn it. And if you don’t want to do it, then take responsibility for the decision.”

So we did. We learned. We made mistakes. We fixed the mistakes. And we did again. But we never said “I Can’t”. God was good! And he still is! We still live on the property. The church is still going! And now he is able to coach my husband and I as we make some of the repairs.

Two small phrases.
Two huge impacts on YOUR world!

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