Organize Your Way to Success, Part 2 – Attention

Building your business online as a busy professional can sometimes be overwhelming. An average day may find you pulled in many different directions, from personal issues to work issues to things that happen beyond your control.

However, I am not alone in thinking the idea of “multitasking” is probably one of the most detrimental concepts to the idea of success and getting something done. A new concept is the ‘Media-multi-tasking”

For instance, are you reading this blog, keeping up with Facebook, checking your email, listening to the radio, and on hold on the telephone? Then, at this point in time you would be “media-multitasking”.

And you may be exhibiting that you have problems with focus and self-control.

Wait, don’t shoot the messenger! The interesting article is found over at Scientific American.

Media-multitasking can be looked at in two ways. You are gathering a lot of information at one time showing a basic desire for information or novelty facts. Not a bad thing if you are looking for some blogging ideas =)

But, this type of multi-tasking could also be a sign that you are too easily distracted and have a hard time focusing.

I suppose my caution to myself and anyone else, is to use Multitasking with caution. Just because it is a popular entry on Job Postings doesn’t mean you need to do it every hour of every day.

I have found that my greatest tool is creating my specific list of 5 things that I will do before 11 AM in the morning, therefore funneling my attention to some productive tasks. At the end of a busy day, where I have not controlled my multitasking therefore not accomplished all that I wanted to do, I at least do have some success. I can look at my list at the end of the day (like the one pictured below for this morning) and have 5 things DONE!
So, yes, after posting this article, I will cross off my #5. And I did #1 on the way to work while hubby was driving. Two items down, and 3 more to go!

By the way, if you like the idea of the “5 before 11” I highly suggest you read Allyson Lewis and her book “The 7 Minute Solution”. I started applying what I learned from her at the beginning of the year, and it’s really been a game changer for me!

Remember these wise words from Alexandar Graham Bell~ “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Here’s to your Laser Focus for the day!

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