Jacques Torres Chocolate – My Bucket List

Time to share with you my bucket list of eating the Top 10 Chocolates, as decided upon by the National Geographic!
My first introduction to Jacques Torres Chocolate was through a co-worker. She brought in a small box of the chocolates which she had received from her daughter – who happens to work for Jacques Torres! I knew there must be something special about the chocolate when she opened the top of the box and said “pick ONE” (I’m thinking, only ONE??)
The box had one of those little tri-fold inserts with pictures, so I picked out one. I truthfully cannot even remember the name of it. But I remember the result. PURE and wonderful. The chocolate was like a hug to my tongue.
It was very creamy – very smooth – and OH SO YUMMY.
When the coworker came back from New York for the New Year, she brought some more goodies from Jacque. Chocolate covered Cheerios (don’t knock until you have tried it!) I also tried some of his caramels. She told me that in anything in which he uses peanut butter – the peanut butter has been made there at his store. I suppose that may be the next on the list!

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