Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Hi There!

I just wanted to give you a quick little business building tip. Actually, this was going to be my first video post. But, my camera on the laptop filmed everything a jerky motion. And the phone battery and Flipz battery, deader than doornails. So, you get written word because I didn’t want the hour to go by without sharing something with you.

I’ve been plugged into Natasha for a couple of years now. She is one of those that if she sends me an email, I read it. It always have something of value that I need or will need in the future. Never fluff or hype. Just good information and content.

She has a new video series that I’ve been plugged into the past few days.

If you are someone that is stuck in your online business, or maybe you just aren’t getting anywhere or you don’t know where to start. Start here. Plug into her website at
You will need to start at video one. Listen to her, work through the exercises. She has a contest with a couple of nice juicy prizes.

Her “hidden gold” worksheet helped me to realize that I had let fear of many things hold me back from realizing some of my dreams. In fact, the other day if you had asked me if I was “fearful” of anything, I would have told you no..well, except for needles and blood. BUT, I started working through some questions she threw out to us…and man-o-man. Now that I have realized it….WOW.

But the best part is now that I do realize it, I can make my game plan and list to overcome it!

So here is knockin’ out that FEAR and running the race to Rat Race Freedom!

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