Do You Have Flat World Mentality

Do you have “flat-world” mentality?

Those are the thoughts and words –

The ones that told Christopher Columbus the world was flat.

The experts that said an airplane was “an opium-induced fantasy – a crackpot idea”.

They also told Foch in 1911 that “airplanes were good toys, but no military value.”

Thomas Edison tried to persuade Henry Ford to abandon his idea about a motor car because “they would never work”

Never let a pessimistic person talk you out of your dreams!

While others may be convinced that certain things cannot be done (even though they may not have been tried).

Even though you may be surrounded with negativity – remain positive – find success. Don’t let someone else’s negative thinking and words limit you.

Remember – Negativity is contagious – and you don’t want to catch it!!

((Excerpts taken from Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer))

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