Throw away the excuse bag

Folks – it’s time to do some SHOPPING!!!

The excuse bag is a little accessory we carry around with us all the time. When something seems difficult, or challenging or gives us more to deal with than we think we can handle we dig in the bag.

We pull out an excuse that says:

  • That is just too hard, or
  • I don’t have enough time,or
  • I don’t feel like doing this, or
  • I don’t know how to do that, or
  • I have too many problems and too much going on right now to deal with this, or
  • I’m afraid, or
  • I don’t have anyone to help me…

THROW AWAY the excuse bag!

Grab a “CAN-DO Bag” and fill it with biblical and faith filled reasons that you CAN do

what you need to do!

Stop making excuses.

Stop looking at all your weaknesses…..

God actually CHOOSES people on PURPOSE who absolutely cannot do what He is asking them to do unless they allow HIM to do it through HIM. (Think about Gideon, Paul, Moses, Esther – they were NOT the most perfect nor the ideal people to do the job set before them)

Remember, You don’t need ABILITY. You only been availability and your “CAN-DO” attitude!

“I can do ALL things (in life) that I need to do through Christ!” Phillipians 4:13

((excerpts from Power Thoughts, Joyce Meyer))

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