3 Simple Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life

I’ve been working on my Gratitude. I find that for me I need things broken down to simple steps. I find steps of 3 are even easier to remember!

I found a very nice article about gratitude and the 3 simple ways it can change your life.

I love this quote found in the article:
“The key to success is fearlessness combined with a commitment to being open to learning new things.” by John A Walsh, Senior EVP of ESPN

I love the thought and fact that gratitude is contagious.

Another quote in the website is “Just one dose of gratitude and your dance partners, “Ms. Worry Wart” and “Mr. What If”, fade into wimpy wall flowers. (Good riddance – they are the worst dance partners you could pick on the planet to ask to polka.)

Please hop over to the article to read about the toe tapping tune of of the three G’s: Gratitude, Grace and Giving.

It’s time to open the flood gates for change, and I’ll be writing more about these as well I’m sure!

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