Visions, Dreams and “God-winks”


There is an inner vision.  A dream.

A desire to do something, buried deep within your thoughts.

Sometimes it barely surfaces, but is quickly tucked back down into the inner recesses of your thoughts.

And then again. It emerges.  It may be years before it surfaces again.  And then the cares and busy-ness of life get in the way.  And the thought is again pushed aside.

But one day.  It surfaces.  Perhaps it is a song.  A vision.  A word spoken by someone.  Some have called it Synchronicity.  Others, a “God-wink”.  A confirmation.

It is time for the dream to come to fruition.  No longer will the inner burning be extinguished.

Instead, it will be fanned.  A breath of life will be passed to the dream.

It is time.

A few weeks ago a FaceBook friend sent me a private message.   A person I have never met personally.  But we have connected over  the pat year.

She gave me the breath I needed for my dream –

The dream of a book.  A collection of stories  I used to tell our son when he was small.

And so, the beginning of  a new phase of my life.  Letting the inner story teller have her way.

Thus begins the adventures of Matty Mouse.

Matty has some cousins from the Mountains.  Mountain Rats!

And they need names!  Anyone willing to help me fan the fire of my dream?

I encourage you in two things:

  1. Never forget the power of encouraging words to others!
  2. Let your dreams soar!

Do you have a hidden dream or desire that you kept hidden?  Maybe now is the time!

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