Remove the boundaries

Some intelligent adults behave like a circus elephant.  I should know.  I’ve done it.

Have you ever visited a circus and seen the elephants tied to a small stake with a simple rope?  Why don’t the elephants break free?

The story goes that while they are young, they were tied to a stake with a heavy chain.  No matter how hard he tries, that young elephant cannot break free.  So after several unsuccessful tries through the months he stops trying.  No matter how large and strong he becomes, he remembers the past and believes he cannot move as long as their is a rope and a stake near him.

So, many adults are like the elephant.  Hindered by thoughts, actions and results.

They do not move further in their life because of the boundaries of self-imposed limits.

How do you remove the boundaries?

The first step is admitting to any attitudes and thoughts that you know are limiting you.

What is a result from your past that was painful or failed and  you have vowed never to repeat, but you know that by not repeating you are limiting yourself and your life.

Isn’t it time to move past the boundary and let your life move forward?

I know you can do it.  Let’s develop a winning attitude!


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