Productivity, Time and Energy Drains

A very, very, very sad day in the kitchen. I cracked my crock! Yes, I turned my crock pot over to wash it and low and behold I have a crack along the bottom where I could see that even some of the juices had seeped out.

Isn’t that just about how it is in our own life? We may look fine on the outside, and even appear to be doing things correctly. But, upon closer examination, there is a flaw that is permitting things (time, energy and productivity) to drain from us.

I’m doing a personal “Productivity” chart to just see what I am doing through the day, where my productivity hang ups are and what are my productivity drains. Yesterday at the office (my full-time job where I work for wages) was very insightful. I had interruptions that were not my fault, but I had some that I realized were truly keeping me from keeping focused on the task at hand. Such as the sound of the ding of the incoming email. And the “pop” of someone signing on to the inter-office IM. Even having the internet search page up while I was working on a spreadsheet became a distraction because it made me think of the weather and I wondered what the temperature was outside. It’s no wonder at the end of the day my energy was drained because I realized I didn’t make as much progress with the day as I had would have liked.

I realized that even those small distractions were keeping me from focusing on my part-time job, building a fortune =) It’s so important to remember that when you are working on building your fortune from home that every minute counts. Any time you waste is gone forever!!

So, I leave you with a few little business building tips…

Really think about things that may be draining your attention. Such as, do you really need to have the radio or TV on while you are working on your business? Does email need to be on your screen? Do you need to be logged onto the Chat/IM ? Of course, sometimes those are things you are working on to build your business, but my point is let’s really try to work on the one task at hand and apply laser focus to the job!

So, until next time…I will be shopping for a new crock pot / slow cooker!

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