Pinterest, the world beyond Facebook

Short post today about the new online phenom….

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the world beyond Facebook.

Please,don’t shoot the messenger, but there really is a world beyond Facebook =) and I’m glad Pinterest came around! It’s forced me to be more “active” in my online time rather than “passive”.

I call sitting at the computer watching the Facebook feed roll across the screen as my “passive” time. It’s like waiting for a slot machine to roll around and give you a jackpot. IF someone’s post interests me, then I ‘like’ or comment on it. If not, it just keeps spinning.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s premise is pretty simple. You find something on the internet that you like, let’s say picture of a gorgeous flower garden with a cute little fairy statue. You think to yourself “I like that”. You then use your little “pin it” tool, and Pin it to one of your boards you have created. It’s like having scrap booking or idea boards on the web, instead of cut out pictures in notebooks =) Pretty cool, huh? And, you can look at other people’s boards and all the pictures they have posted! No downloading of pictures is necessary as when you “Pin” it, it links to the picture’s presence on the website you visited.

With my Pinterest account and boards, I am now becoming more active with my online time perusing through the vast bits and bytes of cyber space looking for pictures/articles to add to my board collections. AND, not to mention all the collections of recipes, crafts, journal ideas and decorating ideas that have come across my screen in the past week! It’s a great way for an Empty Nest mom to wisely use some computer time!

Yes, I do have Pinterest. I haven’t been quite as active as others, but I’m going to be spending lots more time there. Winter is the perfect time to get some gardening and redecorating ideas to get ready for an active Spring of growth and change!

Remember! “Without a map there is no treasure”, so try planning some creative online time today!


  • Beth

    Pinterest is pretty awesome you can also create your own secret vision boards on there now! I did a review on Pinterest a few Tuesdays ago on my site. Its a great app to have for scrapbookers. I post all types of scrapbooking tips and layouts on my board. Enjoy your time on Pinterest and know that you can get lost on there!

  • Jean Buschke

    Oh my gosh! I love it…”without a map there is no treasure!” 🙂

  • Cindy Schulson

    Thanks for sharing this Kim. I have a Pinterest account and admittedly haven’t been as active on it as I am on Facebook. But all marketing, whether Pinterest or not, is getting more visual so I can see how this will continue to be a growing trend. Thanks!

  • Kim

    Beth! I love the idea of creating a secret vision board. I didn’t know that you could create a board that only you can see. Now just how NEAT is that! Thanks for the idea!

  • Kim

    Hi Retha! Thanks for stopping by! Actually I started playing around with it after my mom told me about it. And now that she is recovering from her stroke she finds browsing on Pinterest easier to manipulate than just general surfing on the web! I hope to see you there!

  • Kim

    =) Glad you like it Jean! I made that up a few months ago and now find myself quoting it quite often! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kim

    Cindy, it means a lot to me that you stopped by! I still remember that video you did a while back where you were dressed like a pirate =) You ROCK lady! I’m looking more into this Pinterest because it really seems like an informative place to hang out! See you there!

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