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I watched a piece on CNN a few days ago.  It was a piece that they did about how folks are being hit by the economic downturn.  One woman was a professional administrator.  She worked somewhere in the Madoff corporation.  Not really one of those folks way up in corner offices.  Just a “regular person”.  She had never married.  She just always professionally worked and she was now in her 50’s.   She had trusted in “the system” of work for a company, devote yourself to that company, and trust and think that they will take care of their faithful employees.  Now, she was having to live off any savings she had and she desperately told the journalist, “I’ll move any where, I’ll take any job”.

It was while watching this piece of journalism that firmly solidified in my mind the need to learn more about financing and investing.   We all work hard for our money, if we are one of what I like to call “the regular folks”.

Truthfully,  I had already been thinking about the learning the “investing process”, but who can you trust?  Only someone who has “practiced what they preached” is my thought.  I mean seriously, do you want to take investing strategy guidance from someone who is living paycheck to paycheck or in debt?  Not me.  So, a few months ago I found out about a businessman who was giving the advice to friends – Invest in gold, and tucked it away in the back of my head (no action on my part yet)

I think one of the smartest things anyone can do is learn how to invest ANY amount of money they can into something.  Not in the piggy bank, not sitting in a savings account earning a whopping 0.01% – but into something hard and tangible.

Finding the hard and tangible can be the most difficult step to the process.

Discovering guidance, ideas, and steps to the process is why I decided that my participation in Mike Dillard’s, The Elevation Group is what I needed to do for my family.   I don’t think it’s frugal or prudent to trust that “the system” will be there to take care of you.  I think a person needs to take proactive action in order to prepare for life and to prepare for changes in life.

I invite you to listen to what the group is about.  If you are interested in preparing your family for the future. PLEASE at least take a listen.

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