Home Spa Day

SO, I had vacation days I had to get off the books at the corporate world.
Yesterday and today are days 1 and 2 (of 8).

First, I went to bed Wednesday night like a giddy school girl
boogieing around the house singing “tomorrow’s Saturday”
repeatedly. Now, of course on Wednesday night it was
NOT going to be Saturday. But, I had this HUGE sense
of relief knowing that Tomorrow (Thursday) would SEEM
like a Saturday because I didn’t have to get up before
the birds to go to work.
(Confession #1 – I had my REAL AHA for my DREAM –
“Saturday Today” is EVERYDAY when you don’t HAVE to go to
a JOB)

So, yesterday I did lot’s of reading, learned Yoga (can we say
OUCH – The only position that didn’t hurt was TREE)

Today is day #2. So, I planned my morning to be a morning
of rest and cleansing. I ate grapefruit drizzled with honey, and
lots of cups of hot herbal tea. More Yoga ( STILL OUCH).
Then, I moved into my “Spa Time” at home. I had my
Spa Music CD ready and put it in. First, I scrubbed my
face with oatmeal (are you suppose to be thinking about
oatmeal cookies when you are doing a home Spa Day?), rinsed
and patted dry (ok..I DO have a funny point
to the story so just HANG ON)
I proceeded to heat a cloth to put over my face to open my pores for
the honey treatment. Then, I patted my face with
Honey and put my feet in a tub of hot peppermint
water to soak. Serene Spa music. Fire going. One of our Vanilla
Musk Spa Candles burning….can’t you just FEEL the
Then the fuzzy fat cat we lovingly call Ginger jumped up on the back
of my chair, into my face. Ok…Fuzzy Cat and Sticky Honey –
not a good pairing.
I never KNEW the cat liked honey! She startled me so that
my feet sort of sloshed water out of the tub, but the towel soaked
it up.
SO, I get her convinced to get OUT of my face. I got up and looked in the mirror and
could see cat fur stuck to my face (I sort of wanted to burst out into
singing “Memory..all alone in the moonlight…” (song from the musical CATS)
but at this point I was really trying to “keep into the moment” and
stay “calm and serene”…

Well, I got the giggles, and then low and behold if our little Chihuahua, Zak,
not to be outdone by Ginger, and I guess since mommy was laughing, thought
I wanted to play – he jumped up into my lap and before I could
stop him, HE was in my face licking off the honey..

Ok, so the 15 mins of Spa Music stopped, and I went to wash off the
Honey – Cat Fur- Dog Slobber Mask……

And what’s the end result? A soft face, A Cat and Dog now sleeping
because their sugar high is over, and just remember THIS…

A Bad Day at the Home Spa is Better than a Good Day at the Office!!!

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